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Cash Advance – USACashMoney

Ever run into a sticky situation where you don’t have quite enough cash to cover your expenses? Cash advance loans can help you pay off your bills so you avoid a missed payment on your credit report.

Not all cash advance loans are safe or affordable, so it’s important to do your research and choose the right cash advance option available to you, like 0% APR Instacash advances from USACashMoney.

What’s a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a short-term unsecured loan that you can get to cover bills, fees, or fines (or something fun!) without using credit. Cash advance providers usually charge high fees and/or interest on loans and there’s usually a limit to how much you can borrow.

You might have heard about getting cash advances through a credit card at an ATM — as long as you have a personal identification number (PIN). You can also take your credit card to a bank that offers advances through your card’s payment network.

How Do Cash Advances Work?

You can skip the research and go straight for a 0% APR Instacash advance from USACashMoney today. Here’s how.

If you have extra time want to shop around to confirm that we’re the best choice, here’s how.

Step 1: Research Reputable Cash Advance Services

Cash advances aren’t the same thing as payday loans, though many people confuse the two. A payday loan charges high fees and sometimes up to 50% interest. Avoid them at all costs!

Cash advances come through your bank or other reputable financial institution. Before you think about getting an advance, make sure your servicer is established and has low interest rates such as ones fromUSACashMoney.

Step 2: Understand the Limits

Your provider or bank might have limits on how much money you can borrow with a cash advance. Usually you can link your bank account or electronically submit a pay stub as proof of your income to find out how much you’re eligible to borrow. With MoneyLion, just link your checking account, and we’ll let you know right away how much you qualify for.

Step 3: Learn about Fees and Interest Rates

Do some research on the cash advance fees you’ll incur on the amount of money you need to borrow. Also, find out about interest rates and any other fees that you have to pay when you take out an advance.

Some banks charge high fees and interest rates! Look for a bank like LoanToday with low or no fees. And you can’t beat our 0% APR!

Step 4: Submit a Request For a Cash Advance

Submit a request for a cash advance through USACash’s online portal or submit a request through our app in the play store.

Step 5: Get Your Money

After you’ve submitted your request, wait for the lender to give you approval. This step isn’t required for some borrowers. At USACashMoney, you’ll see your cash instantly deposited into your account after you submit your request.

Step 6: Plan to Repay Based on Terms

After you received your funds, plan to live within your means and payoff the cash advance. This way if you ever need it again, you can be approved for a higher amount and faster through USACashMoney.


Personal Loans to Veterans and Active Duty Military – 4th of July Special

Personal loans to Veterans and Active Duty Military

USACASHMONEY offers financial support when you need it the most. Our system provides access to over 100 lenders who offer personal loans to current and former military personnel. We give special attention to who you are which is why all credit levels are accepted.

USACASHMONEY provides an unmatched level of service, by partnering with firms who cater to the Armed Forces because we find a product for your needs. USACASHMONEY offers access to affordable financial products to those who deserve it the most. We will not waste your time or treat you poorly. Therefore, you can expect nothing less than fast, efficient, and professional service.


 What to expect

Our online request form takes minutes and you get answers fast. Next day funding may be available once you are approved and verified. Most importantly, use the funds for any purpose. Traditional banks dictate what the money can be used for while USACASHMONEY does not. Are you looking to consolidate debt, purchase or repair a vehicle, pay bills, or make home improvements? USACASHMONEY is here to help. There are no restrictions so get started now.

USACASHMONEY’s large network offers personal loans to military with fully transparent and a straightforward approach. Especially relevant, our system identifies lenders for you based on a multitude of variables. Then, all loan information is presented in a clear and conspicuous manner. We avoid the fine print by highlighting the important information, so applicants can make educated financial decisions.

Personal loans to military personnel are an important resource to service members because the major financial institutions do not offer them. Are you current or former Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, or Navy? Experience the difference with a military personal loan through USACASHMONEY now.


Do You Need A Wedding Loan? What is It?

There are many ways to pay for your wedding day, but many times family and savings simply aren’t enough. No matter the size of your budget, the one constant is where your cash will come from.

While it was customary for the bride’s parents to foot the bill in the past, most couples finance their own nuptials today.

A reasonable, realistic budget is the essential first step. And like any major expense, good, old-fashioned saving is the best way to pay for a wedding.

But, you also have to be reasonable and realistic about the bills. Regardless of the budget and plan, you will have a lot of them.

While most people think of loans as reserved for cars and houses, there are numerous borrowing options out there – like the wedding loan.

It’s simply a kind of personal loan, but made with the newlywed in mind. It’s also an excellent alternative to credit.

A wedding loan can cover the expenses you simply can’t at the moment, but will be able to afford with a little time. Many offer special rates, terms, and even bonuses to make the debt manageable in the first years following the vows.

Why should you use a wedding loan?

Wedding loans generally come with low rates intended to take a little bit of the financial pressure off of newlyweds. In addition, some financial institutions offer a bonus of up to a few hundred dollars for taking the loan out as a symbolic wedding gift.

Couples with good credit will likely receive an unsecured loan that doesn’t require collateral. Keeping one or both spouses’ assets out of the equation naturally expands financial breathing room.

It’s true money issues, namely debt, can cause a lot of stress in a relationship. Some personal finance professionals advise against taking on personal loan debt for that reason.

But, as with any loan, you should borrow responsibly. Taking out a $30,000 loan to cover the entire celebration is probably not a good idea. The best way to use a wedding loan is to fill the gaps.

Your wedding budget must come first.

A realistic budget is a critical step in the entire wedding planning process. Some suggests this basic breakdown as a starting point:

  • Reception: 48-50 percent
  • Ceremony: 2-3 percent
  • Attire: 8-10 percent
  • Flowers: 8-10 percent
  • Entertainment/Music: 8-10 percent
  • Photography/Videography: 10-12 percent
  • Stationery: 2-3 percent
  • Wedding Rings: 2-3 percent
  • Parking/Transportation: 2-3 percent
  • Gifts: 2-3 percent
  • Miscellaneous: 8 percent

This is a good estimator, but by no means a definitive list. There are dozens to consider when planning for the Big Day.

DO NOT USE a credit card?

Credit cards, especially those with short-term 0 percent annual percentage rates can be particularly attractive for newlyweds-to-be. It can also be particularly troublesome when you quickly rack up debt that could take many years to pay off once that promotional APR disappears and a variable rate kicks in.

A high-limit credit card may make you more tempted to stray from the budget, opting for upgrades that only cost “a little more.” Remember, it will cost “a lot more” a decade from now.

Wedding loans, on the other hand, give you a lump sum to use as you need it and where it makes sense in the budget. In fact, it helps keep things on budget, as you only have a limited amount to work with.

How should you use your wedding loan?

Once you have your budget laid out, you’ve estimated how much money you can save, and put a dollar figure on what you need, you’re ready to apply for a wedding loan –  personal loan.

You might want to use it as quick cash to pay upfront costs like deposits for the church or reception venue that are often due more than a year in advance. You might use the wedding loan to reserve plane tickets and make reservations for your dream honeymoon.

When you’re filling the gaps, you may just want to designate a few specific categories where using the loan would be most helpful. As outlined above, food and drink eat up a lot of the budget and medium-sized necessities like photography, entertainment, and flowers can add up quickly.

If, for example, the reception is the most expensive item, you might want to apply for that particular amount. Conversely, maybe you’ve saved for the big stuff and just need to cover the smaller items. This should be ideal situation for most.

You might also keep the lump-sum loan for cash on hand – a “just-in-case” fund ready to cover any unforeseen costs.

Where do you get a wedding loan?

Careful budgeting and diligent saving are best for your Big Day. But, if you need quick cash for a key contract or even just an emergency fund, wedding loans are the best alternative.

Apply for a personal loan through USACASHMONEY to get access to personal wedding loans.


Personal Loans – Home Expenditure Loans & The Cost of Delay

Owning a home sometimes feels like owning a never-ending to-do list – fix this, replace that – when does it end? For responsible homeowners, it never does. But overlooking the small stuff can add up to much larger bills later on.

Fix plumbing leaks.
Fixing leaky faucets and other common household plumbing leaks can save the average homeowner about 10 percent on water bills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Leaks or burst pipes that allow water to find its way into walls, floors and foundations can lead to significant damage, with repair costs reaching thousands of dollars. It’s easy to notice – and fix – a leaky faucet. Finding other kinds of leaks can be a lot more difficult, even with regular inspections.
Clean and seal outdoor decking.
Today’s unpredictable weather, now more than ever, will take its toll on outdoor decking. A few gallons of sealant will set you back $50 or less and a weekend afternoon of effort. Allowing your decking to go untreated for a season or three is likely to result in damaged decking – and damaged ties and joists underneath. Those repairs are a much bigger job, requiring more time and effort, and a lot more money in materials – upto $10,000, in some cases.
Inspect the roof and clear gutters.
Weather, once again, but, specifically, water is the enemy here. Check the areas around roof openings, including chimneys, exhaust flues and skylights, which are the likeliest candidates for leaks. You’ll have to climb up into your attic, too, and peer closely at roof beams and joists near those openings. Dark spots indicate leakage. Leave roof repairs and other jobs to professionals even minor ones.
Gutters clogged with debris (or ice, during winter), can cause water to back up and seep under shingles and siding. Keeping gutters clear is an easy job, and an inexpensive one (under $200) if you rely on a pro to do the dangerous ladder work.
Inspect for termites and other bugs.
Many pest control companies offer home termite inspections for free, but the typical inspection costs $65 to $100, according to The average homeowner who finds damage caused by termites spends $3,000 on repairs, reports. Whole house fumigation could cost more, depending on the size of the home. But infestations caught early can be treated with spot treatments and bait, and the associated damage is likely to be much less severe.
Inspect exterior paint and siding.
Your exterior paint  keeps your house looking great. More importantly, it keeps your house’s worst enemy – yes, water again! – from damaging key structural components beneath. Look for areas of dry, chalky paint and cracked, flaking or peeling paint. Small areas, especially trim around doors and windows, can be sanded and repainted by most homeowners. For bigger jobs, like for an entire home, professional painters might charge up to $5,000, depending on the size of the home. The longer you wait to repaint, the greater the likelihood that water, insects and animals to enter and cause significant damage.
Siding for a new house can easily run between $15,000 to $40,000, including labor
Inspect foundation and concrete slabs for cracks and fissures.
When concrete cures it shrinks slightly and over time can develop slight hairline cracks and fissures. Such cracks are unsightly, of course, and can allow water and insects to infiltrate and lead to more significant damage over time. Most homeowners can repair smaller cracks and fissures with a variety of inexpensive products.
For larger, recurring cracks and bulges, contact a professional, who can identify the problem, suggest appropriate solutions and advise you on associated costs.
If you need to save for long term, some of these expenditures justify a personal loan. USACASHMoney can assist with these issues.

Personal Loan – Medical Loans

The medical billing system is complex. It’s not always easy to figure out how much you’ll need to pay to get the care you need. When you need medical treatment for a serious illness or injury, paying for an expensive procedure can be an extra burden.

Taking out a personal loan for medical expenses may seem like a tempting option.

A medical loan is a personal loan that’s used to pay for medical expenses.

Personal loans can be used for a wide range of medical treatments, including elective procedures, fertility treatments, prescriptions, surgeries and more. A number of lenders, including certain banks, credit unions and online lenders, offer personal loans that can be used for medical treatment.

Medical loans may be unsecured personal loans, meaning they don’t require any collateral.  Since lenders are trying to judge your ability to repay the loan, applications for these types of personal loans will primarily focus on factors such as your credit history and income.

You can also apply for a secured personal loan to help pay for medical expenses. Secured personal loans require you to put up collateral to secure the loan, but you may be able to get more competitive rates.

The amount you’re approved to borrow and the terms of the loan will depend on a variety of factors, including your credit history.

Pros of medical loans

There are a few benefits of using a personal loan to pay for medical expenses. You may be able to get access to funds quickly — and if you’ve had a medical emergency, this may be the most important factor for you. If you apply and are approved, some lenders will give you the funds within a few business days.

Personal loans may also be cheaper than using a traditional credit card to pay for your medical debt. If you have excellent credit, it’s possible to find personal loans with APRs as low as 6% or less. Since the average APR on credit cards is in the double digits, you may end up paying less interest with a medical loan.

Cons of medical loans

Medical loans can be an expensive financing option. While some borrowers can qualify for low-interest personal loans, applicants with less-than-perfect credit histories will probably see much higher interest rates. Depending on the terms you qualify for, you could end up paying a lot in interest over a number of years.


We offer a useful solution when you need to cover medical expenses and want to do so quickly and stress-free. Get the USACASHMoney Personal Loan and borrow $5,000 to $40,000 to cover a variety of medical costs, including dental expenses, cosmetic surgery fees, and laser eye surgery.


Top Reasons for having upgrading your watch – Our Personal Loans Can Help

Top Reasons for having upgrading your watch:


To Be Taken Seriously

Being serious is more than being acceptable. The finishing touch on any man are those individual items above and beyond tied shoelaces that help people come to conclusions about who you are. Most men dress rather generically, but if you are the type to have stand-out shoes and a clever scarf… and are still going to pick up “Jenny,” then she is a lucky gal. As for the rest of us, we don’t have many opportunities to signal success other than the watch on our wrist.

So wear a nice watch. Have something that shines in the light and glistens with the right mixture of metal and color. Make it seem like you saved up for it, or it is a cherished treasure you restored after your father gave it to you. Better if it is something unique and you spent some time finding just the right one versus stopping at the watch counter at your local department store and choosing a model you like from a European sounding brand whose name you can easily pronounce.

Having something like that on your wrist is a message to people dealing with you that you should be taken seriously. It can backfire of course if your watch exudes wasteful excess or bad taste, but in the end is better than showing up to a business meeting with a polyurethane sports watch with a green tinted LCD screen. I’ve been told more than once “in Europe a business man is not taken seriously if he is not wearing a mechanical watch.”

To Be Unique

Above I mentioned that to be taken seriously you need to be noticed with a nice watch. The question can then become “what watch?” Us men have precious few accessories we can wear to separate ourselves from each other. I take that back, us men have precious few generally well-viewed upon socially acceptable accessories we can wear to separate ourselves from each other. If you want to be one of those guys who wears a lot of jewelry, unique hats, and face tattoos… go right ahead.

What we have to differentiate ourselves is wrist real estate. A place where manly men and business men equally can wear something without causing additional questions to be asked. It is this space where we as individuals can communicate our taste, values, etc… This means that the watch we wear communicates a lot about who we are (or what mood we want to give off that day).

If you are a generic person you can wear a generic watch. If you are a unique person you can find a unique watch that fits your personality. You may not want to stick out all the time (which is why the world gave us Rolex Submariners), but when you do it starts with either what is on your wrist or your loud mouth. The watch world is full of limitless design – you want to take advantage of all the options.

For Your Hand Fetish

They say that eyes are a window to one’s soul. That may be true, but so are your hands. You may not have noticed it, but hands are extremely communicative when people talk. Either hands are part of elaborate Italian-style gesticulation, or they offer more subtle signs as to how someone is feeling. When communicating with others we almost always notice their hands. Think about it the next few times you are talking to someone. Close to the hands are the wrists, and one one of those wrists could be a watch.

As human beings we have hand fetishes. We use them, notice them, and touch them. We also like nice things touching our hands. A fine watch is pleasing on the skin. Well-made metal and other materials that are soft and secure feeling – giving you something interesting to run your fingers over from time to time. Perhaps that is why I play with my watch when fidgeting.

People looking at your hands will likely notice what is on your wrist. Give them something to enjoy that is worth all the attention.

As Eye Candy For Your Significant Other

The basic scheme of an analog watch is simple and consistent. The way of expressing it is where all the creativity comes in. Watch design is therefore inherently artistic. There is a lot of crap out there, but the best stuff is beautiful and how often do you call a tool beautiful?

Art on a watch can come in many forms. The dial can literally be a painting, or the design of the instrument itself is where the art comes in. For many people, the movement contains as much art as the case and dial. Art is the expressive elements placed over the necessary functional parts – so almost every watch has at least a bit.

For those like me who need a little art in their lives daily, you’ll have no problem finding many watches that move you just like a masterpiece in paint.

As Building Your Legacy

Not only is a timepiece the quintessential gift but it is the quintessential heirloom. While morbid in its tone, it is sometimes a good idea to consider life from beyond the grave. No matter what your philosophy is on the end of life, we can all agree that people can live on through the memories of those that knew them.

I own a few timepieces from people I knew that are now deceased. Having these watches makes me think of them. Not just in general way, but in a real and breathing way. They wore these watches for a long time. The watches show signs of use and love, and life. To be honest I wouldn’t care if these watches were $50 or $50,000 in value as long as they made me think of these people. The benefit however of passing down a nicer watch is that it is more likely to survive the test of time. You could also argue that it helps maintain a better image of you after you go, but that is up to the person leaving the watch.

A watch collection is also a legacy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be worth a mint, but leaving your watch(es) to someone you care about is an enduringly positive thought about passing on those values that were important to you, to someone else


Payday Loan For that Dream Vacation: Upto $5,000

Payday Loan For that Dream Vacation: Upto $5,000

Cancun is the ideal location for a great Spring Break, you can relax on some of the most beautiful beaches that Mexico has to offer and party in some of the craziest night clubs around. Cancun and the Riviera Maya is the perfect destination for a college spring break trip that will never be forgotten. And if you are still doubtful, here are some fantastic reasons to choose Cancun as your next Spring Break destination.

Party Rockers Cancun

To make your Spring Break vacation as easy as possible, this fun-loving local agency serves as your in-town host by personally taking you to the best nightclubs, organizing day tours, setting up yacht trips and more. Let Party Rockers guide you to the latest, liveliest bars and enjoy VIP access to a number of events, such as the signature Zombie Bar Crawl.

Grand Oasis Cancun

Parties of epic proportion spring up on the grounds of this large, all-inclusive beach resort in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Themed festival’s are a signature perk to booking a room at the Grand Oasis. Past years have seen everything from flower power-style hippie dances to live DJ sets from famed hip-hop artists including Lil’ Jon and DJ Erick Morillo.


Dady’O in the Party Center area guarantees a wild night out. This electrifying venue has thrilling Spring Break celebrations every year with beach body contests, celebrity guest hosts, and plenty of theme parties. European-style laser shows and a state of the art sound system make this one of the best clubs for dancing in the city.

Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo is the city’s most famous nightclub, so make this stop the final one on your list. A high cover price is worth its weight in pesos: guests enjoy an unlimited open bar and nightly entertainment. Coco Bongo’s shows range from 80’s electronic to trance, and feature acrobatic performances, soap bubbles, and confetti streamers. Arrive early and stay for the entire show.


AutoLoans Upto $20,000 Here

Upgrade Your Car – AutoLoans Here

The best auto loan for you depends on your priorities, but two common goals are to get the most competitive rate and the lowest monthly payment.

That’s why longer-term loans are so popular right now, with more people stretching out new and used car loans over 60 months or more. Despite that, new and used car payments hit an all-time high in 2017, meaning that people are spending more than ever on their vehicle purchases.

We know that with rising rates, you need as much help as you can get finding the best rates to secure the vehicle you want and need.